Adding database users

A Database User is a user that is added directly to the Blueprint database. All of the user details can be modified in Blueprint. Database users must choose Blueprint Authentication to login to Blueprint.

To add a database user to Blueprint:

  1. Open the Instance Administration Console.

  2. Click Manage Users And Groups > Registered Users on the ribbon (Instance Admin tab, Instance group).

  3. Click New > New Database User on the ribbon (Instance Admin tab, Manage Items group).
  4. Enter the user information on the right side of the window.
  5. Click Save.




User Name



Defines the login name of the user.

This field is alphanumeric and must be between 4 and 255 characters.



Defines the user source.

This value is automatically set to either Database or Windows, depending on the type of user account.

License N/A

Defines the type of Blueprint license the user will have.

This value is automatically set, depending on the license group to which they are assigned.

Enable Login


Defines whether or not the user can login to the system.

By default, this option is selected, permitting login access to the user.

Never Expire Password N/A

For database users, defines whether their password will never expire. If the user password does not expire, the password policy configured in the instance settings will not apply.

Note that if password is set to never expire in instance settings (by setting the Password Expiration field to 0 days), this option will be disabled.

Instance Administrator Role


Defines whether or not the user has Instance Administrator role privileges.

By default, no role is assigned.


Allow fallback from federated authentication N/A

Defines whether or not the user is allowed to fallback from federated authentication.

This option is only available if federated authentication is enabled.



To add or change a picture, click the Edit button to choose an image file. To remove a picture, click the Remove button.


Display Name


Defines the display name of the user.

First Name


Defines user's first name.

Last Name


Defines the user's last name.

Password / Confirm Password


Defines the password of the user.

The password must be between 6 and 14 characters. The password field is no longer visible after the user is saved.

Note: If federated authentication is enabled, a password is not required when fallback from federated authentication is not enabled.



Defines the e-mail address of the user.



Defines the job title of the user.



Defines the department to which the user belongs.

Group Membership


Defines the groups to which the user is a member.

If you want to add a user to an existing group, click Add to view a list of available groups.

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